Small Business Packet 2

These packages are ideal for people who want to start up their own little business. You can totally decide how many hours you want to work and there is good money to be made from this all depending on how much you want to earn. Even if you already have full-time/part-time work and want to use this i.e. to save money for a deposit in a house by working a few hours some weekends, within a year you might already have your deposit, great plan.

With our 15 years of experience, this Package is a success for everyone who wants it and the price of the package you can make back in profits within 2 months by following our recommendations, try to find another business who can offer you that?
This can also be ideal for 2 people to buy and share the costs/profit, by doing that you can also take more people into your workshops.

Instead of paying full price for the package, you can buy this Package 2 which does not include the tools, spices, herbs etc. and the reason we offer you this is because you probably have most of those in your kitchen at home and therefore can save yourself between $1000 – $2000 buy buying package 2.
We still give you a detailed list of everything you need to buy and where to get it, mostly at your supermarket.

To see what is included in Packages 1 and 2, please click on the “the packages” on the menu bar for detailed info on what the packages include.

Just email us on info@vikingkitchenfood.com.au or call Gustaf on: 0401 196 587 for any other information 


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