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Gourmet Cheese

If you haven’t tried making your own Gourmet cheeses yet, I suggest you have a go at it. It is much easier than you think, with all the step by step instructions we provide on our DVDs or Downloads, you simply can’t go wrong. Some of the cheeses are of course much easier to make than others, such as the Cream cheeses which are always the most popular “Party” cheeses and takes no time to make. I can tell you though if you make your own cream cheese instead of going to the supermarket, you will be amazed at the difference in taste, not to talk about cheeses like Feta cheese which tastes out of this world because of the method we use to make it. Have a go at it with your friend, I will guarantee you will have such fun doing it.

Cured Meat

The Cured meat we make as also amazing and this Thai Sausage Recepi is one amazing Recipe. The taste is just amazing as you can just imagine with all these wonderful spices we use and the perfect combination of each one. I have never tasted as good sausage Last year we made over 100kg mostly for our friends and our BBQ as well. Try it is is very easy to do and the only tool you need is a Sausage Gun from Bunnings or Mitre10. $10 investment. We are always here for everyone who needs advice just email us we will respond ASAP. Regards  Gustaf and Siggi

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