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Coffs Harbour

About Us

Gustaf (Gus) and Sigrid (Siggi) moved to Australia 1987 and started our life in a small fishing village on the South Coast called Eden.
Later we moved up to Coffs Harbour and have been there ever since. We had our own Restaurant here in Coffs Harbour for years “The Royal Viking Stonegrill Restaurant” where we served various healthy food on “Hot Rocks”. 

The last 10 years we have been teaching people to make all kinds of Cheeses as well as to Cure their own favorite piece of meat.
Although we love Australia, we are both born in Iceland Europe and lived in Sweden for 10 years, before moving to Australia. Iceland is far away from us here in Australia and not many people know much about that country.  But now it has become very popular tourist destination because of its unique Nature and unspoiled beauty.

Iceland has endless of Hot Springs and Waterfalls and every lake full of fish. Houses are extremely well built both for earthquakes and cold weather, and all have thermal heating, water from the hot springs, which they of course can use to heat their inside/outside swimming pools with and driveways in winter times, if they are smart.

Lots of people think that Iceland is extremely cold country because of it’s name, but the truth as that it is not as cold as the other Scandinavian countries in the winter time and in case you did not know Greenland is more or less Ice all over and Iceland Green all over with a few glaciers though and heaps of lava, just to show the tourists.

I thought I should display a few photos from our old Homeland Iceland which I took on our last trip over there. If you want to know more about Iceland visit this link: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ic.html

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