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About Us

We (Siggi & Gustaf) have have been making Gourmet cheese and curing our own meat for years.
I (Siggi) used to work on farms when I was young and was involved in cheese making from early age. After redeveloping my cheese making skills, we have been absolutely loving it and we have also been teaching people to cure their own meat as well as make Gourmet Sausages.

We have had over 15 year experience, in running workshops teaching farmers and others to make Gourmet Cheese, Cure their own Meat and make Gourmet Sausages. 

Qualified trainers:
We became qualified trainers over 15 years ago, which has given us a great advantage running our workshops.

Restaurant owners and Managers:
We owned and managed our own restaurant for many years with great success.

We cannot recommend these “Small Business White Label Packets” highly enough. They are a great way to start your own small business for a minimum amount of cash as well as risk, you simply can’t go wrong following our methods and long experience. All the training DVDs/USBs have English audio as well as English subtitles for the hearing impaired and to avoid any possible mistakes.our

Here are a few pictures from our Workshops as well as other pictures, showing
Gourmet cheese, cured meat and Gourmet sausages being made.

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