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"Small Business White Label Packet 1 or 2".
Gourmet cheese and Cured meat Workshops

Gourmet Cheese
& Yogurt Workshops

You will be teaching a variety of Gourmet Cheeses and Yogurt Workshops. Every DVD/USB Workshop you will teach comes with a step by step booklet, as well as full English caption on all our material for the hearing impaired and to avoid any possible mistakes. Always success.

Cured Meat
& Sausage Workshops

Here are the Cured Meat Workshops you will teach, from Pastrami to Sausages. Every DVD or Download Workshop you teach comes with a step by step booklet, as well as full English caption on all our material for the hearing impaired and to avoid any mistakes. Success all the time.

Always use the best spices

We at Viking Kitchen Food supply all the spices and herbs you need with our business package. We do recommend you to use well known suppliers of spices. Spices are an important part of every Cured Meat & Sausage Making Workshop. Always use the best possible spices you can get to make the best tasting product.

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Making your own Gourmet Cheese

All the Best Gourmet Cheese Workshops.
Choose from teaching your favorite Cheese, like Camembert, Feta, Mascarpone, Cream Cheese, Ricotta, Parmesan, Halloumi, Farmhouse Cheddar, Greek Yogurt as well as the popular Cheese Party Workshop and more. 
Making your own Cheese and teaching it to others, is not only fun but can earn you good money and the taste of your own Home made Gourmet Cheese is awesome I have to say.  When your students have learned to make their own cheese, they will never look back.  All your friends will love all your Gourmet cheese products.

Curing your own Meat & Sausages

Teaching people to cure their own meat and  make their own Sausages is an enjoyable experience. 
Discover all the benefits of Curing your own meat, without using  harmful chemicals or preservatives and teaching others to do the same.  You will be teaching people how to make cured meat such as:  Salami, Pastrami, baked Pepperoni, Bacon, Beef Jerky, Quick bacon and 5 sorts Gourmet sausages as well.  Your neighbors will be knocking on your door to have a taste and book the next workshop. With all the variation of Spices available, and the step-by-step material, you just can’t go wrong.

Always use the best quality Spices

We supply all the spices and herbs with our
Small Business “White Label Packet” and we recommend The Herbal Connection for all the best Spices for your products, but it is up to you where you want to shop your spices. You might have a different idea where to buy yours, but all spices lose their maximum flavors within a few weeks.  
Sometimes people forget their spices for months and years. Therefore, we strongly recommend buying them from a good supplier, especially if you are doing big portions of meat and you don’t want any surprises with spices that are tasteless or off.

Here are some of the Communities, where we have conducted Workshops in.


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